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  1. Happy St Paddy's Day! #dogsofpost
  2. How we wrapped up 2023. My girl earned her AKC Scent Work Master Elite title. #dogsofpost
  3. Getting in the holiday spirit! #dogsofpost
  4. CNN Bull fighting

    Watching CNN this Sunday evening and really really disturbed by images shown of bull fighting. What kind of human being slowly kills an animal through a horrific process of torture? Sickened me to my core.
  5. My silly girl 😁 #DogsOfPost
  6. The pups qualified in several searches this weekend in a scent work trial in Albuquerque. #DogsOfPost
  7. Mom just got a new bed delivered. The pups approve... #DogsofPost
  8. The pups and I are in Sedona for an AKC Scent Work trial. This view is from the trial site. Beautiful place and great weather. #DogsOfPost
  9. It's Spring! Time to find those gophers! #dogsofpost
  10. My girl Dari did a thing today. She earned her intermediate carting title (involves an off-leash test). #dogsofpost
  11. My baby boy was a very good boy in an Obedience Trial this past weekend! #DogsofPost
  12. I'm really disappointed that many of the folks who I followed on Twitter created accounts on Post, but they're not actively posting. 😒 I don't want to go to the bird site to see what's going on with them.
  13. My pups compete in scent work trials and they did really well this past weekend! #dogsofpost
  14. One thing I've learned lately is that our country has no control over classified documents. This is ridiculous. 😒
  15. Still eat these every New Year's Day!
  16. My puppers on bed in motorhome. They don't leave much room for Mom.🙂 #dogsofpost

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