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On the path to myself. Loud Democrat. Victory to Ukraine. Hi there.

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  1. Anyone else using the bird app on Android and have it shut down suddenly? I can't reopen it, either. I was getting my daily Buddhist teachings fix, and suddenly, the app just shut down.
  2. Good evening from Paradise. Big storms in California equal incredible sunsets for us. Enjoy your night, wherever you are.
  3. Vader Tarkin

    This is Vader in repose. His eyes are always that wide. Capturing this shot has been my goal since I got this phone a year ago. He's hard to pin down.
  4. There is a huge fireworks show outside of my house. Happy New Year everyone from Las Vegas with love! And here's to Xmas cookies on clearance!
  5. The Boy Who Talks to Tigers

    A tiger crouches on the path. Ahead he sees a boy, Paler than the others. The others who aren’t around. A young boy fishes at the side of a stream. The stream lies at the end of a path. His line is in the w
  6. War Stories

    I love flannel shirts. Always have. This one is my favorite. It's a pajama top from right after the Korean War. It was worn for bed by a real war hero for 40 years. I knew him, an unequalled man and d
  7. Peace Talks

    A tentative peace has been brokered here. It's Rose Tyler with the terror of the house, Freddie. Fred hisses at the other animals and ambushes them, she's got a real Napoleon Complex going on. And Ros
  8. There is nothing so perfectly peaceful as a sleeping cat. This is Vader Tarkin. And yes, all four of my cats are black. And rescues.
  9. This is my nest right now. Major in my lap, Chewbacca on the left, Rose Tyler on the right. I feel so loved.❣️
  10. This is my Major. He sleeps with me at night, next to my pillow. I often fall asleep fuzzling his head or neck.❣️
  11. Going on a short outing. Let's hear it for agoraphobes!
  12. It was a quiet holiday. I slept most of the day. Stayed away from the news. Got Bono's new book. It's been so long since I had a brand new hardback. I hope you all had a good day and much rest. Here co
  13. You're darn tootin'!
  14. Cyd & Rose Tyler Say Hi There

    Rose Tyler and I wanted to say hello and welcome you to Post. Hi there! I love to see/read all manner of stuff, so if you decide to follow me, I will follow back. Let's build a wondrous & varied commu

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