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Looking forward to less chaos


Wife, Mom, Mommaw and Dog Mom that loves my family, democracy, cycling, converted cargo trailer camping, stargazing and rockhounding. I’m a Bengals fan since Kenny Anderson was tossing to Bob Trumpy and since Reds Big Red Machine days. Coffee is a must✌️❤️😁

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  1. Well, this new dog toy lasted about 10 minutes😆 #DogsOfPost Maya is tough on toys🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. It’s another hot day outside and my little #DogsOfPost Maya is living her best life relaxing in the house. She just makes me smile. She is a #rescueDog but I feel like she rescued me.✌️❤️🐕
  3. Don’t be this #neighbor ! People are crazy these days. He put his shovel on edge of his property to block a mole. Yes, a MOLE! I guess he figures it will run into his shovel and turn around and come back in my yard. Am I mean to hope it does an end around and plows through his y
  4. Where’s Maya? 🤪 We had a storm go through earlier in week and I dragged a few branches up by gate. She made it a “squirrel stand” to wait for them to walk by on way to neighbor’s feeder. Lol, she has never caught one. It’s all a fun game😍 #DogsOfPost #RescueDogs
  5. Holly, our Labradoodle granddog came to visit and she and our little Maya had a good time playing #DogsOfPost ✌️❤️🐕
  6. OHIO, VOTE NO on Issue 1 on AUGUST 8 #Issue1inOhio #politicsnews
  7. Gambit is visiting with his neighbor Moose while we were out walking this morning. Definitely the big and little ends of dog world #DogsOfPost ✌️❤️🐕
  8. Jailhouse retribution. Listed him in stable condition. This is from ABC news app with reporter in byline #PostNews
  9. 💯
  10. “I think he’s done quite well, given the limitations that we have.” Rep. AOC officially endorses Pres. Biden for reelection.
  11. This sweet little girl is protecting her yard. Lol, she likes to sit here and look for squirrels to chase. #DogsOfPost
  12. My #Reds sweep Nats in 4 and lead NL Central by 2 games! On to Milwaukee! These kids are fun to watch! #PostSports
  13. This is what this new threads app can collect from you. Yikes!
  14. Big news out of Ohio. Mobilizing young voters this year will pay off in spades in 2024, where the Senate majority hangs on Sherrod Brown's seat in the Buckeye State.
  15. Gambit and Maya are so happy #fireworks are done for now. We all slept well last night #DogsOfPost #RescueDogs ✌️❤️🐕🐕
  16. U.S. Navy says Iran tried to seize two oil tankers, fired on one
  17. Hey Trump, speaking of Cocaine — remove your oral prosthetic device — the world needs to see your inoperable hole that decades of snorting Coke did to your hard palate. You know, the prosthesis that sometimes slips, causing a lisp — and causes you to spit out white particulates.
  18. It’s really this simple.

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