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Children's & YA Book Lovers' Literary Awards

The CYBILS Awards is powered by volunteers passionate about connecting young readers with books that portray diversity, inclusion, and appropriate representation. To accomplish that goal, the Cybils Awards seeks out and works to recognize books written for children and young adults that combine both the highest literary merit and popular appeal. Check out all of the Winners here: See all of the finalists & winners for the past 17 years here:

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  1. Ahem, publishers?

    If you publish books for kids - or know someone who does - we need your help. October will be here in about three snaps. And when it arrives, so do the public nominations for books readers want to have considered for the CYBILS Awards. Our judges rely heavily on libraries, but so
  2. Happy Fourth of July ... and thank you to everyone who uses their freedom to ensure fREADOM for young readers.
  3. Drumroll-worthy Announcement!

    Have you ever taken one of those "tell us what you think" surveys only to discover nothing changes? Not here! We read what our judges and category chairs think and put them on our Action Plan. Judges want more time to read and talk about books. Chairs want all the books in their c
  4. 2022 Books Eligible for #CYBILS2023

    Come this time in October, all the nominations for the the 2023 CYBILS Awards will be in. Sometimes we get so excited about the shiny, just-released book that we forget there may be older, new-to-us books that are equally entrancing. There were so many great books that released a
  5. For those of us who love books and reading and long-form essays.

    Year after year after year, readers keep policing the habits of other readers. Often, those judging will also try to wash their hands from the judgment: “You can read whatever you want, but…” Not judging leaves no space for buts. #BookPost #Reading #fREADom #bookstagram #booktok
  6. Got a book? Recommend it to us!

    DYK that the CYBILS Awards and Goodreads share a birthday? Yep, we were founded the same year! A lot has changed in 18 years - including where readers post reviews of books. For CYBILS 2021, blogs and Goodreads were neck-and-neck as the go-to spots to find reviews by our judges. I
  7. #CYBILS Booklist: Indian & Pakistani Stories

    Wwhen we think about AAPI Heritage Month, we often think East Asia (Japan, China, Korea), but there is more. As Melissa noted in her post, India is part of Asia as well, and I have noticed an uptick in Indian and Pakistani stories over the past few years. To exemplify her point,
  8. This one is too fun NOT to share! Over at Book Riot, Kelly Jensen has rounded up some adorable (truly ADORABLE) bookish wearables for #KidLit lovers.
  9. Spotted just now on Spoutible, sharing here. #fREADom #ReadBannedBooks #FreeTheBooks
  10. Let's get moving!

    Melissa's newest collection is out, and yes, there is a tiny dancer! But what we love most is the breadth of the collection. Fiction and nonfiction; board books to YA novels ... something for every reader. Even those who claim they don't dance. #KidLit #MGLit #YALit #KidsLoveNon
  11. #originalcontent #HappyEaster #KidLitCommunity
  12. Lots to ponder in this Nathan Bransford article. My wish for the YA world is that it gets back to taking risks again, that they stop living in fear of the loudest voices on Twitter and sanding the edges off of everything, and just bravely publish really good books instead of cha
  13. In today’s #Passover roundup, Ronda Skernick Einbinder and I review six new #picturebooks : Afikomen by Tziporah Cohen + Yaara Eshet - Groundwood Books; Pirate Passover by Judy Press + Amanda Gulliver - Kar-Ben Publishing; The Not-Quite-Perfect Passover by Laura Gehl + Olga and Al
  14. Welcome to Booktopia!

    Wowsa! If you love seeing all the bright and shiny things, today is your day. This morning our blog reader was chock full (and we do mean chock full) of books coming out in April and beyond. @100scopenotes has Books by Stonewall Award Winners Rich In Color h
  15. Let's get this Monday started #PoetryLovers

    Over on the CYBILS blog, Melissa has curated a list of all of the Novels in Verse that have been CYBILS Awards finalists over the last 10 years. Background: Until #CYBLILS2022 , Verse Novels and Poetry Collections were viewed "singularly." Only one of those forms could win in the P
  16. In today’s #Passover roundup, Ronda Skernick Einbinder and I review six new #picturebooks : Afikomen by Tziporah Cohen + Yaara Eshet - Groundwood Books; Pirate Passover by Judy Press + Amanda Gulliver - Kar-Ben Publishing; The Not-Quite-Perfect Passover by Laura Gehl + Olga and Al
  17. Roses are red, violets are blue ...

    National Poetry Month is coming, whatcha gonna do? Roses and violets make it easy for anyone to feel like a poet. There are so many things to love about Poetry Month. For one thing it shows us poetry is more than just rhymes and roses So, Poetry lovers, do you have a favorite poem or
  18. Pure Awesomeness

    It's hard to say what we love most about this Nikki deMarco post at Book Riot The collection of YA historical fiction books How Black representation can be found in all kinds of genres for young readers All the lists included in the article. I'm sure I missed something ... what did
  19. Seconding Mike Meraz' thoughts on this very insightful post ... even for us who love #KidLit but don't write books. #MGLit #KidLitCommunity
  20. Let's do this!

    "What we need to do: to show up for each other. I know my 65-year-old self needs to keep learning this lesson." Edi Campbell at the Cotton Quilts blog offers a variety of ways that we can show up to protect #fREADom for readers. #FreeTheBooks #KidLit #MGLit #YALit

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