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Academic, cyber-rights activist & trouble-maker :)

Law professor at Istanbul Bilgi University and co-founder of İFÖD, the freedom of expression association in Turkey (

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  1. Embassy of Canada in Turkey Annual Human Rights Award 2022

    I was presented the Embassy of Canada in Turkey/Türkiye Annual Human Rights Award for 2022 for my work in relation to freedom of expression and human rights law in Turkey at a ceremony on Monday, 12 D
  2. Shift From Twitter to Post & Mastodon

    I am starting to see lot of activity on Post as well as on Mastodon. It will however take a while for non-US and most likely non-English speaking users to discover and test/use these alternatives. Obv
  3. Twitter Files and Content Moderation Elsewhere I

    Twitter Files and Content Moderation Elsewhere I I do follow the Twitter Files revelations with interest even though it is at the moment extremely US-centric. So far, what has been revealed did not go

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