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I'm from Ohio an Aquarius Love nature, art, the paranormal, a good book, love movies

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  1. Storm clouds from earlier #weather #photography
  2. It's April but it still feels like winter
  3. Baby doves doves #birdwatching
  4. Geese #birds #photography #birdwatching
  5. Moonlight last night #photography
  6. Poor royal family can't catch a break First Charles with cancer now Kate
  7. The rumors about Kate Middleton have become beyond ridiculous and some of them disgusting
  8. Water after a few hours of rain
  9. Deer
  10. So tired of the orange blob and his cronies Will it ever end?
  11. Bring on the later sunsets
  12. That new Godzilla movie looks weird as hell
  13. Robin in tree #birdwatching
  14. Sunset
  15. #politics So why do you think Mitch is stepping down?
  16. Geese
  17. Squirrel
  18. Morning dove in her nest #birdwatching
  19. Sunset
  20. So don't care about the superbowl

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