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South Florida Trial Lawyer

Palm Beach, Florida

Trial lawyer in South Florida representing those injured by other’s negligence; proud @UF and @Apple alum; & 10/10 @ratemyskyperoom

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  1. Words Unsocial

    I’ve substituted the NYT crossword for social media as of this week and I’m pretty proud to say I’m halfway through the Friday puzzle - the week’s hardest.
  2. Happy Holidays from your South Florida Personal Injury Lawyer! @DavisTrialLaw — South Florida's Premier Personal Injury Law Firm Handling Cases in all Areas of Personal Injury, Wrongful Death, Negligent
  3. New York Times Mini Crossword I solved the 12/18/2022 New York Times Mini Crossword in 4:35!
  4. Tell me something you believe in

    Ya’ll: Can we please stop with the Trump and Musk posts? Tell me something you believe in. If I wanted to base my beliefs on hate, I’d just watch Fox News.
  5. So @george you have a wonderful voice. It is so soothing to listen to you while I work. And if you're ever in South Florida, I'll take you to the Tommy Bahama restaurant
  6. Critical Mass

    Are you kidding me? It is clear from his actions that the Chief Twit is only attempting to make his money back by emphasizing Twitter’s tendency towards an outrage machine. It plays off of the worst te
  7. The future of Technology and Social Media

    I listen to a lot of podcasts discussing social media, technology, and thoughts on the future. This discussion between @MKBHD and @hasanminhaj was one of the best and completely worthy of your time.
  8. Hey @noam - Where do I send my $8 a month for my blue verification checkmark?
  9. Hey #LawPost - do you have a constitution Christmas ornament?
  10. If you find yourself following me and haven’t read this yet, it’s a great, quick, how-to guide.
  11. Hey #LawTwitter, are you out there? Let’s start #LawPost
  12. Enjoying some cornbread in milk, also known as hillbilly ice cream for breakfast.
  13. Happy Birthday to me!
  14. Hey @ProfG - what do you think about the possibility of an Apple/Disney merger?
  15. Hey @Noam, the best thing about this app is the serif font!
  16. Oh good, maybe middle class families will be able to take our kids again. Welcome back Bob Iger!

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