Post - Caroline T. (Carrie) Schroeder (@ctschroeder)

  1. For our newsletter @lollardfish wrote up a little summary of #Receptiogate involving academic dishonestly, some weird stock photos, and maybe a whole fake research institute.
  2. I was very moved by Emily Hanford's podcast "Sold a Story" and I had many conversations with teachers regarding how it relates to gender and education. I got inspired to write about boys and literacy
  3. This call is totally weird. I mean, maybe this is how dudes in that era talked to each other, but there was not even an "I'm sorry for your loss" platitude
  4. This is a great piece!
  5. THREAD: This is simple. We had INTERCEPTED COMMUNICATIONS showing Rudy was THE TARGET of RUSSIAN DISINFORMATION about HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP. That’s why PRIVATE social media companies CHOSE not to sprea
  6. This is spectacular
  7. Good morning Post Toasties!
  8. Had a nice long weekend with the fam. Always good to see my sister. As we age we look like maybe we're twins our faces look so alike. Ms floof (aka Chloe) is now almost 7 months old s
  9. Please do not watch Graham Hancock’s Ancient Apocalypse. Netflix is promoting disinformation and audiences are lapping it up.
  10. Hey any other #higherEd folks on here? Especially in the Humanities ? An #introduction: I'm a professor at the University of Oklahoma working on late antiquity, Egypt, gender, digital humanities

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