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  1. BREAKING: Mark Meadows has FLIPPED and Jack Smith is prepared to ask the DC Grand Jury to vote on ESPIONAGE and OBSTRUCTION charges as soon as TOMORROW per the Independent. This contradicts some earlier reporting (kind of) from the Washington Post, which reported that a "signific
  2. 😂😂
  3. Good Morning
  4. 'I will not be part of this charade': McCarthy bleeding votes to boot Democrats off committees
  5. Whew!!
  6. They need a better system for classified documents
  7. Good morning everyone
  8. Got this from The Lincoln Project newsletter today. It doesn't look like they're active here yet, so I had to screenshot and paste. I hope that's okay. Would be happy to rePOST if anyone has theirs. (
  9. I normally don't share this kind of stuff, but he lost his pension because of Jan 6th. Please help if you can.
  10. Republican energy/Dem energy (Getty)
  11. Good morning everyone. It's a cold lazy Saturday
  12. Whoever updated Andre Tate’s Wikipedia is a freakin’ genius. #GretaThunberg #SmallDickEnergy P.S. it’s been changed back but lives forever in the wiki edit history.
  13. Good Morning everyone
  14. And there’s more:
  15. Hahahahaha
  16. Layton, #UT Evan McConney, 13, believed to be with a stranger using the name Hunter Fox, communicated with the suspect via internet & left his home late night on 12/26/22 to meet him, they may be trav
  17. Judge Thompson just ordered Kari Lake to pay Governor-elect Katie Hobbs $33,040.50 plus 7.5% interest until paid in full for expert witness testimony, but did not sanction Kari Lake or her attorneys.
  18. #HappyHolidays Don't forget we have a big Special Election February 21, 2023 in #VA04 !! VOTE for # Jennifer McClellan !! #VADems

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