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Munich, Germany

Mad scientist, playing with the building blocks of life. I know stuff, and publish about some of it. Led the Munich Science March & am an Egalitarian!

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  1. Thoughts and prayers to Kevin "Benedict Arnold" McCarthy!
  2. If the Rethugs could use their guns against Covid, they would take it more seriously. Covid is basically a "virus gun" with 70% blanks, 28% rubber bullets of varying hardness, and 2% live rounds; but,
  3. The real human trafficking pedophile and pizza story. Thanks to Greta, Tate pizza-dox'ed his location himself.
  4. Pretty cool repurposing.
  5. Tis the season for the best Xmas song ever!
  6. Republo-speak translations for the novice

    Free speech = anti-PC = Republicans wanting to say racist and bigoted shit without being thought of as the racist and bigoted shits that they are.
  7. Sounds about right.
  8. Still funny after all these years. [0]=AZXjpuDQ8Yu50_gIo9DB614nbzBqRfSoScuy0M_il94JUwttMa899fyFXRF4oOkZ793anit1JDf1hprAisFbvVSfZ0LpJ4arfMIN-u_jwGv78W_qo7rI8jiUg2hNKQ7LzeI9lvsLn3XSRdsGW_UVXNAfLTcDHdyvQ
  9. EXCLUSIVE: Michael Cohen hilariously SHREDS Trump for his humiliating 'major announcement'
  10. Seems fitting tonight.
  11. America First Legal founded by Stephen Miller - the GOP's anti-ACLU

    "the landmark deal on behalf of historically disadvantaged farmers is dead" ... "The group’s success is alarming civil rights advocates, who fear Miller has figured out how to harness the courts to prot
  12. Twitter, Elon, GOP and karma

    Don't forget, Congressional Republicans threatened the Twitter Board with investigations if they didn't take Elon's bid seriously. "House Republicans demand Twitter’s board preserve all records about M
  13. Too good not to post on Post.
  14. The Twitter Devolution.
  15. Glad to be here and now following many of those that I followed there. Twitter has gone insane and will soon be shut down in the EU due to GDPR violations.
  16. Real life

    $It is feeling a lot like Weihnachten, ... And yes, that is a Tennessee flag being flown in Munich, Germany. And it flew over the Tn State Capitol once upon a time. My pediatrician Father was once the
  17. #FromAroundTheWorld (don't know if this is a #PostE thing , but giving it a try ;-) I am watching Freevee in Germany and Micky D's has a commercial (in German) promoting multi-national diversity amongs
  18. Once there was a Barcardi Bowl, today there is a Wasabi Bowl. Now we just need a Sushi Bowl.

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