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Senior Staff Attorney, He/him. Personal opinions only. 🏳️‍🌈

San Francisco, California

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  1. Healthcare is Caring

    Please take a moment to watch this powerful short film about parents' love for their children. A parent's love has the power to change the world. Find out the facts and how you can protect access to trans healthcare at #HealthcareIsCaring
  2. Unbelievable.
  3. Zelensky is the perfect choice for Time's person of the year. Nice to see them get it right for once.
  4. This. 👇 And they will be able deny service to anyone, not just LGBTQ people, including based on sex, religion, race, etc. It will be a truly radical and unprecedented change in decades of antidiscrim
  5. Great to see this profile of my friend and frequent colleague Deborah Ferguson, who's fighting the good fight in Boise. There are so many unsung heroes working for equality across the country in place
  6. A very happy Thanksgiving to all!

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