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Candice M. Sanderson


Psychologist, Author, OBExperiencer.

Naples, FL

Candice Sanderson’s life changed in August 2013. During a ten-minute drive to work, she began receiving messages from the world of spirit. She transformed from psychologist to psychic, from skeptic to believer during that morning commute. Sanderson’s training as a psychologist could not explain these events, but her curiosity begged for answers. Message by message, as she reluctantly followed this mystical path, a new world materialized. Her perspectives changed, redefining a life she thought she had known so well. Her international award-winning books, The Reluctant Messenger and The Reluctant Messenger Returns, chronicle her expedition across a vast expanse of universal consciousness. Her new series, From the Reluctant Messenger, highlights some of her more memorable explorations into other-dimensional spaces. From conversations with angels and ascended masters to communications with star beings, Sanderson invites the reader to accompany her. Following the messengers’ breadcrumbs, hidden gems magically appear. The readers find hope and peace, empowerment, and protection. We discover tools to explore these mystical realms that lie a breath beyond our reach. We, too, can become explorers of consciousness. Sanderson has sold over 10,000 copies across the globe, and all books have reached the Best-Seller on Amazon in multiple categories. The Reluctant Messenger and The Reluctant Messenger Returns are available in paperback, hardcover, e-book, and audiobook. Her new series, From the Reluctant Messenger, is available in e-book. Proud follower of The Monroe Institute. 💜

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  1. So happy to have found Post. Sharing a pic of my first book which became a #1 Best Seller in multiple categories on Amazon, chronicling my journey from psychologist to psychic and from skeptic to beli

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