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Amateur novelist. Data goddess. All around geek.

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  1. No one can burn the world for love quite like a fire mage. Fire's Tongue is out now, everywhere #ebooks are sold.
  2. I sometimes wonder how people manage to keep up with all the stupid #memes going around these days. Then I remember that I write 6 #books a year, on top of a full time job and an unhealthy level of TV. I think I'm good.
  3. #WritingLife

    The #writing life is quite cyclical, write, edit, publish, write, edit, publish. Another edit cycle is over. Going to be setting up #PrairieQueen for publishing tomorrow. I start my 34th book on Satur
  4. Stolen from the inter webs. I’ve been critical of Trump these last several years, and am still exhausted from the experience. But to be fair, Trump wasn’t that bad, other than when he… 1. incited an ins

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