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  1. My Son Faced Antisemitism. His School Tried to Buy Our Silence

    "One student, whom my son considered a friend, invited my son to sign up for his 'camp' which had 'great showers'—'Camp Auschwitz.' He said another Jewish classmate of theirs had already signed up." #Antisemitism #education #schools
  2. I Told the Court I Didn't Kill the Boy. I Was Lying

    "I pulled my gun. Shot the kid who had grabbed me first. Then I turned to Duckie and fired several times at him. I turned back to the kid and fired my remaining bullet. "I looked at the other eight who had been with them. They were motionless." #crime #guns #gunviolence
  3. Alaa Zaher Ahmed was busy at her home in Khan Yunis, Gaza, making a poster for a breast cancer awareness campaign. Then everything went black. "All I knew was that my legs were pinned down, blood was running down my face, and there was barely enough oxygen to breathe. I began shou
  4. I'd Have Banned Books in School Too—Until My Son Told Us His Secret

    "We knew the damage we had done. But accepting him was not a choice for us. We knew then that we could either love and accept our child or we could lose him." #politics #lgbt
  5. I screamed to my neighbors: Terrorists are in our building

    "We decide to go up to a high floor to be with my friends so that our children will have some company, and also us, too. I go out to the balcony to smoke and try to calm my head. "I see some strange figures in the neighborhood next door. We exchange looks. They wore black clothes
  6. Has the kopeck finally dropped for Putin's cheerleaders? #Russia #Ukraine #news
  7. #news #politics #misinformation
  8. "A couple of Northern California communities ran out of water to supply citizens this fall." #news #science #environment #California
  9. lol #news #politics
  10. The lawsuits just keep piling up. #news #politics
  11. Compelling personal essay. #health
  12. I can think of a better ceasefire—pulling Russian troops out of Ukraine. #Russia #Ukraine #news
  13. Lapping it up. #politics #news
  14. "Criminals with combat experience will return to society, hmm, encouraging." #Russia #Ukraine #news
  15. The probable cause affidavit in the University of Idaho killings case was released on Thursday, showing exactly what led to the arrest of suspect Bryan Kohberger. #news #crime
  16. Awesome. Glad they let it go. #nature
  17. Trump's calculation: I can't lose if I don't play the game. #news #politics
  18. "What business was Trump doing in China while he was President?" #news #politics
  19. Police have arrested a suspect in the Idaho student murders case. #news #crime
  20. #news #crime

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