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CRMBC is a California Self-Insured Group in which safety-driven restaurants pool their resources to self-insure their workers' compensation insurance. Self-insurance is an alternative to traditional insurance. It provides improved claims outcomes, greater control, and cost savings. Savvy restaurant owners opt to self-insure their risk because self-insurance consistently outperforms traditional insurance over time.

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  1. Near-Miss Reporting: Boosting Safety and Cutting Workers’ Comp Claims in Your Restaurant

    Running a restaurant is a balancing act of managing fast-paced operations and ensuring a safe working environment for your staff. But without proper safety measures, the fast-paced nature of restaurant work can quickly lead to accidents. National safety data shows that our indust
  2. Changing the Menu: Ray Villaman’s Journey from Traditional to Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation

    Welcome to a new feature where we talk with our members and explore workers’ compensation through their experiences. Today’s spotlight shines on Ray Villaman, the owner of the Tahoe Restaurant Group and a connoisseur of fine dining and savvy business practices. In the restaurant i
  3. Uncovering the Truth Behind Insurance and Workers’ Comp Costs

    Many insurance carriers offer commission splits to brokers and agencies on workers’ compensation and insurance in general. These can start as low as 6% and go to as high as 20% depending on the carrier, based on the market status and if the market is hard or soft. The amount of c

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