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Buffalo, NY, USA

I host the Your Notable Life , write the More Candor newsletter, run a , and doomscroll on Twitter too much 😬 I'm the Board Chair of Dance Iquail, a Philadelphia based dance company that uses dance to combat issues of social injustice primarily experienced by the disadvantaged. You can learn more about the work here: You can also find me > You can find all my business info here >

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  1. Hey everyone! Just entered the chat. I guess to start things off, I’ll post a recent #starwars piece I got to create for Topps Digital. Enjoy!
  2. It's the holiday season. Thanks, Mr. Narwhal. #Elf
  3. Good read this morning.
  4. Over at my newsletter, I re-posted the series I did last year about the history of the so-called War on Christmas. To make it a bit more interesting, I used AI to illustrate it. (photos below, as well
  5. By Daniel Trotta (Reuters) - Victims of the Uvalde mass shooting that killed 19 children and two teachers at a Texas elementary school in May have filed a $27 billion class-action lawsuit against an ar
  6. Have been gone from Post for a few days and excited to see reblogging works! Notifications of all kinds! Improved search! Way to go.
  7. If you are looking to read something optimistic about how democracy can prevail and how courts are protecting the right to vote, I suggest the following.
  8. Good morning, all!
  9. I’m not a Christian. But I can read. And as far as I can tell Jesus was supposed to be the most woke guy who ever lived and to be anti-woke is the most un-Christian thing imaginable.
  10. The number of dog photos on Post is truly impressive and worth getting an account for that reason alone.

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