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  1. THESE are the questions the media should be asking about Fani Willis: Who is paying to attack her? Who is paying for the legal fees? Where is all the money coming from? The public deserves to know.
  2. I like voting. I’m with the 82 year old.
  3. I wrote a thing: "Donald Trump is a menace to democracy. where the fuck is the media?" members of the press, you should be running around with your hair on fire. thanks for reading, and please do sign up for my newsletter to keep getting the good stuff —
  4. Unbelievable
  5. Republicans have a plan for 2024. To win majority power with only the support of a minority of the electorate they are making it harder to vote and easier to cheat. Please read and share my latest.
  6. By Paige Anderholm In 2020, John Eastman, an attorney for then-President Donald Trump who is now facing disbarment, presented the most extreme version of the fringe independent state legislature (ISL) theory in pursuit of overturning the presidential election results. He was enlis
  7. In advance of 2024, Republicans are making it harder to vote and easier to cheat. It is time to recognize this and prepare.
  8. McCarthyism 2
  9. Yes, yes double standards.
  10. Amazing interview, watch it.
  11. Thank you for sending this. Now I understand the link between McGonagal and Trump.
  12. Good news!
  13. I am deeply embarrassed!
  14. If you are new to Post from Twitter, will follow back and want to find other resisters… Reply to this post Follow anyone else who replied (follow people first to make the most connections, don’t wait an

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