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Chris Lombardi


Inveterate storyteller: journalist, novelist.

Philadelphia, PA

Author, I AIN'T MARCHING ANYMORE (New Press, 2020) and BLUE:SEASON (Mumblers Press, 2022). Journo portfolio at #Disabled from 40+ years of MS. from 40+ years of MS.

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  1. Cop That Fatally Shot Breonna Taylor Hired At New Sheriff's Dept. 😱 #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  2. Everyone's watching the World Cup, so it feels important why Mona Eltahawy isn't. She writes on birdchan: "This Sunday, a projected 1.5 billion people will watch the men’s #WorldCup final between cuph
  3. Might as well start here with Caturday. A blurry phone shot of our two mistresses, Princess Mononoke and Inspector Pumpkin, checking out the world from the safe inside.
  4. He was ok with mocking the disabled and war veterans. Ok with sexual assault. Ok with siding with Putin against US interests. Ok with not delivering the wall, healthcare or infrastructure. Ok with bla

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