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  1. Trump says he will only accept 2024 election results 'if everything is honest'. Trump is not honest. Trump has no clue what honesty is. Trump surrounds himself with dishonest people. The Republicans in the house and Senate have been dishonest over the insurrection. I bet Trump woul
  2. Don't get me wrong, I support Isreal's right to protect themselves and track down all of the terrorists that were part of the senseless murders that occurred. I don't agree with how they are doing it. I always thought they were highly sophisticated intelligence agency-wise, and a
  3. You want to know why Trump is not indicted in Arizona for election subversion? Because he duped another group of people to do it for him. They will all go to jail and Trump will skate. This happens over and over and people just don't learn. I guess if you get in bed with the devi
  4. Trump selling bibles and I bet you can't guess why. Trump and the gop wants to re-write American history especially black history. Next they want to do the same with the insurrection. Trump continues to compare himself to Christ and I wonder if the bibles he is selling contains
  5. There he goes again. Trump comparing himself to Christ. Christ doesn't lie. Strike one against Trump. Christ helps others and treats them with respect. Strike two against Trump. Christ turned the other cheek. Strike three against Trump. I guess the only thing they have in common is
  6. Ken Paxton cuts deal on his fraud charges. Basically a slap on the wrist. I guess the laws and pursuit of justice applies differently depending on who you are and who you know!!
  7. So Putin ignores the warning that the US sent him and now is blaming Ukraine for the terrorist attack. With Putins total disregard for life, do you think he sacrificed his own people just so he could use this as propaganda for his unjust war effort. Based on his history, it woul
  8. Hey Republicans, I think you should do what you are being told to do. Trump doesn't want Nikki Haley supports and said so. Now Trump want a be Bernie Moreno says supporters of Liz Cheney should vote Democrat. I think you should do what your told to show you listen to your party.
  9. Trump continues to cry about not being able to get his bond. He put himself in this situation so why would anybody care. Just take what he owes and let's move on. He had his day in court and lost so it's time to pay up.
  10. Putin "wins" the alleged Russian election. It's not difficult to "win" if you are the only candidate because you kill or imprison anybody who might challenge you. He thinks he is a God but in reality he is nothing more than a dictator. This may sound familiar because you have a
  11. When a person makes threats on another person, they can take out a restraining order. Trump has threatened democracy and all of citizens of this Country so Congress should take out a restraining order(s) so the only place Trump can go without being arrested is Mar a lago and cann
  12. According to Reuters "Trump predicts the end of U.S. Democracy if he loses 2024 election." We also know the end will come to democracy if he is elected. So the way I see it President Biden needs to win the election and hopefully our government takes Trumps threat seriously and is p
  13. Crumbley jury selection is ongoing. He is charged with murder even though his son did killing. So my question is, where are the murder charges against Trump for January 6th. There is more than enough evidence that he sent the rioters to the capital and people died!! This smells o
  14. Hey just connect the dots. It seems suspicious that trump is going to get security briefings and all of sudden he gets his bond. Looks like something that needs to be investigated!!
  15. So the Republicans are saying the SOTU was too partisan. So since the Democrats are getting things done and the Republicans can't get out of their own way making them look like incompetent clowns, they pull out the smoke and mirrors. It's too partisan, oh my. Oops scratch the oh
  16. When did Johnson leave the SOTU and put his bobblehead in his chair.
  17. Watching the beginning of SOTU and I am confused again. Republicans are red and Democrats are blue, so why are so many Republicans wearing blue suits? Maybe they are hoping to get raised up the majors? Please tell them that they can't hide what they are!!
  18. I think it is time for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger to form a third political party. They should name it the " Republican Party" since the former party is now maga. Trump is a destroyer based on his own words. He said let Russia invade other countries. Result - destruction! He to
  19. Short memory, didn't trump state Haley's supporters would never be welcome to maga. Now he wants their vote. Are they welcome, just rino's, or is trump just using them like he does to everybody. Wake up America call #2 !!
  20. If Elon Musk bails out Trump financial woes, does that mean trump will give him special business advantages, contracts, tax breaks, immunity, or maybe even classified documents?

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