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  1. By: Brendan O'Brien (Reuters) - Students across Iowa planned to walk out of school on Monday and demonstrate at the state capitol, calling for lawmakers to take action to address gun violence after an 11-year-old was killed and five others wounded in a school shooting last week. St
  2. Iowa's vision of the future: Down the barrel of a gun

    My latest for @laurarbelin in response to the school shooting in Perry, Iowa: "...There have been 394 school shootings since Columbine, impacting more than 360,000 students who have experienced gun violence at school. It defies reality to argue that school
  3. Unsettling The Science of Reading: Who Is Being Sold A Story?

    Literacy doesn’t come in a box, we’ll never find our kids at the bottom of a curriculum package, and there can be no broad support for systemic change that excludes input from and support for teachers implementing these programs in classrooms with students. Exactly one year after
  4. #GivingTuesday is a yearly event, following consumer holidays like Black Friday & Cyber Monday, for people to find their favorite charities and help them meet their yearly fundraising goals! If you didn't know, @humrespro is a 501c3 charitable organiza
  5. This felt appropriate given the rightful attention paid to school board elections across the country this week. Why education is political: Making decisions about which interventions are implemented when, at what levels, to what extent, for whom, who is excluded, and even decidin
  6. There's No Such Thing As "The Science of Learning"

    Nick Covington & Michael Weingarth call for a moratorium on using "The Science of Learning" to describe one aspect of how the brain works in relation to the multiple goals of school. M-J Mercanti-Anthony’s Hechinger Report opinion piece from November 6th, It’s time to pay attentio
  7. Video: AI DESTROYS Standardized Testing...and Civilization?

    A recent paper from prominent names in education research claims we are at "peak humanity", just years away from a "God in the Box" post-literacy AI future where human beings will have no need for schools and education. All this, based on ChatGPT's ability to pass standardized ex
  8. New post by Nick Covington @covingtonedu : Iowa's culture war: Pronouns, nicknames, and LGBTQ kids' rights
  9. PragerU Kids has been approved for use as supplementary curriculum in Florida schools. What does that mean? What do their self-described "edutainment" materials look like? Spoiler: They are shoddier & lazier than you can imagine.
  10. The team from @humrespro are back from a week in Muskegon, Michigan! We worked with a team of middle school teachers who are launching a PBL-based, SEL-centered school-within-a-school for their 6th graders in the fall. Systems thinking aligning values,
  11. Welcome to the coolest summer of the rest of our lives...

    July 4th, 2023 was the hottest day on Earth. "Tuesday was the hottest day on Earth since at least 1979, with the global average temperature reaching 62.92 degrees Fahrenheit (17.18 degrees Celsius), according to data from the U.S. National Centers for Environmental Prediction." The
  12. Progressive education is evidence-based practice! Somehow @mcnuttedu fit 100 citations in a 1,000 word article. Check 'em out:
  13. Conference to #RestoreHumanity!

    @humrespro 's Conference to #RestoreHumanity ! is THIS MONTH, July 24th-July 27th 🌠Feat. Jose Luis Vilson, Cornelius Minor, Dr. Antonia Darder, and Iowa WTF! 🌠Tracks on sustainability, game design, and antiracist Universal Design for Learning (UDL)! 🌠2
  14. Learned today from this typewritten family history that my great-great-grandfather, whose name was Wood, was killed in 1910 when his "long horsehide overcoat had caught in the flywheel of a huge gasoline engine...and he was whirled to his death before the machine could be stopped
  15. Spending the summer solstice in Warsaw!
  16. It's Waldo! #dogsofpost
  17. Find out why people are calling @humrespro 's summer Conference to #RestoreHumanity : Engaging Inspiring Passionate Game-changer Empowering Nourishing Eye-opening Intelligent Thought-provoking Timely Join us virtually, July 24-27th,
  18. Conference to #RestoreHumanity roll call! I'm attending #CTRH2023 to break the doom loop and build a platform for action. Tickets & info @ #education #teaching #school #progressiveed #progressive #nonprofit
  19. Teach Truth Day of Action 2023

    Speaking directly to the judge and to the historical record on the morning of his conviction under the Sedition Act in 1918, Eugene Debs outlined the stakes of solidarity in the language of his time: "Your Honor, years ago I recognized my kinship with all living beings…I said the
  20. June 10: Youth & Truth Day of Action!

    Excited to be speaking at the Youth & Truth Day of Action in Iowa City planned by local organizers in partnership w/ the Zinn Ed Project! This Saturday, June 10th from 4-9pm. If you're not near Iowa City, you can find a local event @ #education #teachtruth #K12 #teaching

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