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  1. UK: Saima Mohsin Sues CNN For Discrimination And Unfair Dismissal After Injury On The Job.
  2. Big Time ESPN Personalities Laid Off

    Good Morning, The sporting world was stunned when big names were let go from ESPN this past Friday. Who were they and why in this week's CN newsletter. Read, share and subscribe:
  3. New Primetime lineup coming to Fox News

    “The Ingraham Angle” Kicks Off Primetime at 7 PM/ET “Jesse Watters Primetime” Moves to 8 PM/ET “Hannity” Remains at 9 PM/ET “Gutfeld!” Shifts to 10 PM/ET
  4. Fox News Cuts Ties With Tucker Carlson Producers

    What to make of the dismissal of Tucker Carlsons former producers — did they do their former boss' dirty work knowing it would lead to their exits? Read, share, and subscribe:
  5. Reed Hastings Is Out As Netflix's Co-CEO

    What does that mean for the rest of the leadership structure? Read about that and more in this week's CN newslettter. Read, share, and subscribe:
  6. The latest Coverage Notes newsletter is here!

    This week the newsletter looks at the programming changes CNN and MSNBC have made to their weekday daytime lineups. Read, share, and subscribe:
  7. MLB makes a huge move in the RSN space.
  8. Netflix greenlights two more sports docuseries: one on the Qatar World Cup and one on this year's Six Nations rugby tournament. SBJ's story:
  9. Sahan Journal is using voice-note newsletters to reach Somalis in Minnesota
  10. Wow. HBO Max says its subscription price jumps by $1 today. The ad-free U.S. monthly subscription hikes from $14.99 to $15.99; subscribers see it in next bill. An NPR/Ipsos poll recently revealed pric
  11. "If facts don’t care about your feelings , it’s also clear your feelings often don’t care about facts."
  12. CNN to move out of the CNN Center this year

    New from me for TVNewser — CNN will be moving out of its longtime downtown Atlanta base, the CNN Center, to the Techwood Turner Campus in midtown Atlanta this year.
  13. Attention insomniacs: Overnight live coverage of Pope Benedict XVI’s funeral from the cable news networks — info courtesy of CNN’s Reliable Sources newsletter.
  14. Former CNN exec Andrew Morse named president and publisher of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.
  15. In memory of Barbara Walters, who passed away yesterday at age 93, here’s audio of my interview with her in 2008, just after her memoir was released. I told her she was the mother of modern TV journal
  16. Judy Woodruff stepping down from anchoring PBS NewsHour. Embarking on project about our political divisions. End of an era.
  17. Emmy-winning newswoman and celebrity interviewer Barbara Walters, the doyenne of television news, has died, her publicist confirmed to Variety. She was 93.
  18. Me: checks twitter Twitter:🔒
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  19. Deal finally announced!

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