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  1. Elon Musk’s SpaceX — and, more hurtfully, the supposedly worker-friendly Trader Joe’s — are trying to defang the National Labor Relations Board, potentially dealing a huge blow to unionization overall just as the renascent labor movement is beginning to flex its political muscle
  2. Koch Industries, the parent company of various petrochemical subsidiaries run for decades by Charles Koch and his now-deceased brother David, spent nearly $8 million in the past year lobbying against the legislation, as well as donated $1.4 million to Republican lawmakers who hel
  3. [UNIQID]
  4. They're coming for birth control next

    An IVF cycle is designed to produce multiple eggs that can be retrieved in one procedure. The more eggs produced, the greater the likelihood of a viable embryo that can be implanted, hopefully resulting in a pregnancy. Because of this, multiple embryos often remain, and people fr
  5. "Uh-oh. Did you hear the horrible news, Sexy Patriots? Our president launched a violent attack on the US Capitol and played golf while 3,500 Americans were dying every day. Oh, wait. That was the last fucking guy. This guy’s big crime is that he eats ice cream and wears sunglasse
  6. Key words here.. Again, “ #Republicans VOTED AGAINST CAPPING THE COST” ⬇ #Medicare
  7. These three wonderful kids are visiting the @WhiteHouse today. Kira, Oleksandr, & Ilya all lost their parents in Russian attacks. Kira’s father was killed, Ilya’s mother died in his little arms, and Oleksandr’s mother was disappeared. Then the Russians tried to kidnap them. Their
  8. The company, based in the U.K. and Czech Republic, offers various digital products and services. Besides its in-house antivirus, Avast also owns #AVG , #Avira , and #Norton . It also owns #CCleaner , a browser called Avast Secure Browser, and extensions for Firefox, and Chrome. It ev
  9. Nex Benedict describes the fight in an Oklahoma school bathroom a day before their death
  10. What do you say to people who are burned out on the idea that we have to fight fascism again this November? How can you keep them focused despite an unending sense of crisis, through another election cycle that looks a whole lot like the last one? Keep your eye on what really matt
  11. As Russia finally begins to gain ground in a new military offensive in Ukraine, and as Putin’s domestic repression intensifies, the political stakes of complacency, inaction and even worse (aiding and abetting) for the West, and particularly for the US in a most consequential ele
  12. The gunshot-detection system ShotSpotter has for years drawn criticism from activists and academics who believe the company behind the system, SoundThinking , places its microphone sensors primarily in low-income communities of color. Now, a WIRED analysis of data leaked from the
  13. By Katie Hawkinson Donald Trump claimed Black voters like him because of his many indictments and mug shot during a speech at the Black Conservative Foundation gala on Friday evening. “I got indicted for nothing. They were doing it because it's election interference. And then I got

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