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Brother, friend, mentor. Think of others before self. Founder of Bros4America, Bros46 and Kamala Nation. Progressive, liberal/moderate. Pop culture. Madonna stan.

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  1. About to begin watching " Tell Me Lies" on Hulu and just discovered lead Jackson White is the real life son of Katey (Peg Bundy) Segal 😃
  2. Any questions?
  3. Happy National Twins Day! #PropertyBrothers
  4. In light of the horrific passing of Stephen "tWitch" Boss today, this prophetic quote from the late Robin Williams makes sense. 💔
  5. Thank you for the wonderful Holidays card President Joe and First Lady Jill Biden! 🎄🎅
  6. Los Angeles! If you want to be a part of HERstory with our VP Kamala Harris in the inauguration of Mayor Elect Karen Bass, RSVP here:
  7. Thanks, Brandon.

    Brittney Grier is freed. Respect of Marriage Act passed Congress. Susan Sarandon's show is canceled. TFG legal troubles continue. Happy Thursday!
  8. Historic.

    Finally some good news in Arkansas: Jaylen Smith , 18, becomes the youngest black mayor in the country! He won the election in his city of Earle (pop: 1,785) seven months after graduating from high schoo
  9. President Biden becomes the first president since FDR in 1934 to not lose a single seat from his own party in a midterm election. 👏👏👏
  10. Done. 51-49. Democrats control the Senate. Rev Warnock will serve for 6 years. #GARunoff
  11. The Clinton Foundation is rated Good by Charity Navigator and still here. ☕️
  12. Let's goooo! 🍑 #GeorgiaRunoff
  13. Our next leader. 🔥
  14. First public appearance of Paul Pelosi at tonight's #KennedyCenterHonors. 🙏
  15. MVP and Second Gentleman at tonight's WH Kennedy Center Honors ceremony ❤️😊💖
  16. The sight of metal detectors will intimidate patrons to come in but unfortunately necessary. This is the world we live in. Unbelievable.
  17. Do you know?

    Today's Google homepage pay tribute to engineer and entrepreneur Jerry Lawson . He is a black man - yes, a black man - who created the technology that paved the way for modern gaming - the same technolo
  18. Dark Brandon strikes again.
  19. The owner of the bird app invited the toxic person at his party after people already warned him. Now he told him to get out.
  20. Christine McVie

    "If I could turn the page In time then I'd rearrange just a day or two Close my, Close my, Close my eyes" Today, sadly, those eyes are close. RIP Christine McVie. 💔

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