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Posts on the law, legal culture, politics, soccer and sometimes humor. Posts are my views; briefs are my client’s. Respect the difference.

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  1. 👇👇
  2. Can you help prevent gun violence on my birthday?

    My heart aches every December 14, moreso now that I have a first grader and kindergartener who enliven my days. The senselessness and brutality of the loss of the bright young lives at #SandyHook hau
  3. One of the musical themes is so evocative if Pan’s Labyrinth, though, that I’m aching to watch that movie again.
  4. It’s not that I’m disappointed at the new #Pinocchio , I’m just disappointed that it is too gritty for kids and not as cathartic as it could be (think Pan’s Labyrinth). It’s in an uncanny valley.
  5. And then I watched the recap for #Artentina v #Netherlands holy moly what a game. #WorldCup
  6. What an amazing game. #WorldCup #Brazil #Croatia
  7. What legal content do you want to see?

    Please share your thoughts! I plan on posting a few times a week on big #SCOTUS and #SCOCAL cases, but would love to hear what legal content interests the Post community. Thoughts would include: live
  8. #Scotus hears arguments in the #ISLT case this morning. Re-upping my explainer.
  9. ICYMI, my preview of tomorrows argument in the so-called “independent state legislature” case.
  10. If you like this, and want to see more posts on #SCOTUS and #SCOCAL, like, repost, and follow!
  11. What's up in #SCOTUS? A preview on the stakes in Moore v. Harper.

    The Court is hearing arguments tomorrow, so here's a collection of resources to understand what's at stake. The core idea at the center of this case is that a state constitution cannot constrain a sta
  12. Excited to see that our petition asking #SCOTUS to pick up a Sixth Amendment case was awarded SCOTUSBlog's Petition of the Week! The specific issue is whether seating a biased juror over the objection
  13. If you'd like to see more posts about #SCOTUS and #SCOCAL , follow me. More are in the works.
  14. What's up in #SCOTUS? LGBTQ+ rights vs. the First Amendment

    Here, I've collected a primer and some resources on today's #SCOTUS argument in 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis (No. 21-476), addressing whether the free speech claims of a website graphic designer who doe
  15. It is amazing now compliant a 2 year old becomes with a stroopwaffle in their hand…
  16. GOOOOAAAALLL And what a beautiful one it is.
  17. The number of chances we’ve had in this game that have come out unlucky for us is insane. NED, on the other hand, are 2 for 2 of their on-goal attempts. SMH. #USMNT #WorldCup
  18. Let’s go #USA ! Hoping for an upset in the #WorldCup 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  19. So there’s hope… #USMNT #WorldCup
  20. Am I waking up before the sun here in #LA to watch the #USMNT take on Netherlands in the #WorldCup ? You betcha. (Plus, I'll be making pancakes for my daughters who have said they'll watch the game w

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