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Christopher Teichler


Composer, Professor, Podcaster

Newton, KS

Husband and dad, music teacher that has never stopped learning, Chicagoland native living and working in central Kansas.

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  1. Love Your Enemies From my cantata The Good Samaritan .
  2. The Good Samaritan

    I’m very proud of this piece, and I want as many people to be able to hear it and have it as possible. The Good Samaritan , for choir, soloists and chamber orchestra. Download for free, or watch on YouT
  3. I’m at an interesting place, in regards to faith. My roots are evangelical, but now I’m part of the Episcopal Church. Will I always be here? Don’t know, but it feels right for now, even though there a
  4. I spent my 35 years of life in Chicagoland; moved away for a job in 2012; now im in a Chicago hotel for a conference and it still feels like home.
  5. Here’s my website for my compositions and arrangements; if you’re a musician I’d love to have you check out my work! Thanks!
  6. I’m here! I made it! Now what?

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