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  1. In the words of Andrew Bird, “history forgets the moderates.”
  2. The Big (cringey) Brunch

    Six episodes into The Big Brunch and “brunch” as the titular concept of the show was completely jettisoned after episode 2. Also, the behavior of the judges in episode 6, specifically Dan Levy, was des
  3. 51-49
  4. Trump Organization found guilty on all counts of criminal tax fraud.
  5. On December 6, 1865, Congress ratified the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery in the United States. #onthisday
  6. It makes me sad that Steve Kornacki is apparently going to be stuck wearing that same basic outfit for the rest of his career.
  7. Superhero Fatigue

    With Black Adam being a financial failure, even though it made nearly $400 million, will studios finally start to see superhero movies as too risky an investment? I wonder which studio is going to have
  8. I’m not sure people - even good, well-meaning people - understand how terrifying things are for American Jews right now. Like many, my father barely escaped the nazis from Eastern Europe and many in m
  9. Today’s edition of Unshocking Statistics.
  10. I drew another one. Share it with your Twitter hold-outs. The bird finds a nice home. (Inspired by KC Green’s Gunshow Webcomic) #PostIsNice #ThisIsFine #PostArt
  11. Great British Baking Show is to cooking competition shows what Lord of the Rings is to high fantasy literature. So good they ruin the rest of the genre.
  12. While people mindlessly post their Spotify Wrapped stories today, it’s probably worth remembering the platform has a major white supremacy problem:
  13. Listening to the guys on the latest episode of Pod Save America “both sides” Elon Musk’s Tesla-Twitter ownership (specifically Lovett) is disappointing. They are increasingly falling behind the progre
  14. #first post #postapet

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