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  1. Its snowing again but I’m glad, since the 16 inches on the ground was getting a bit dingy and depressing. The market today had large, beautiful artichokes which begged to be stuffed and served with mushroom risotto, my favorite comfort food. What is your favorite comfort food in
  2. This ALL DAY LONG !
  3. Hummingbird. Photographer Christian Spencer #postphotos
  4. “I am mortified to be told that, in the United States of America, the sale of a book can become a subject of inquiry, and of criminal inquiry, too.” ~Thomas Jefferson, letter to M.G. Dufief #Censorship
  5. This has teeth. This is illegal.
  6. What's next? The ovens?
  7. holy fucking shit, Donald Trump's tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy are responsible for a QUARTER OF OUR NATION'S ENTIRE DEBT and Republicans want to cut YOUR social security to pay for it, and that'
  8. The California rains have done amazing things. #Nature #photography #California
  9. Cedar Plank soaked in berry wine Wild Salmon Avocado Oil Buttery Steakhouse Rub Garlic Parmesan Homemade Compound Butter Dill With the fish dry give it a light coating of avocado oil. Add some buttery steakh
  10. This is my kinda cake.
  11. Thanks to @bsbeamer for this link
  12. #RepublicanTaxHeist

    To MY cohort of Seniors. Do you want to take an annual %30 pay loss? Well, that's exactly what the #RepublicanTaxHeist will do to anyone living or surviving on a fixed income unless you're the 1%. Blu
  13. HAPPY THURSDAY (late) 😎🌴😊😃🌞 #quote #motivation #leadership #inspiration #quotes #success #quoteoftheday
  14. Is this cause close to your heart? - please sign:
  15. “25 years ago, David took me to rehab & saved my life - I wish I could have saved his this time. I will miss his humor, his intelligence & his deep body of work.” ―Grace Slick Beautiful tribute. R.I.P. Da

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