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computer graphics, especially the 3D kind

Been sloshing through art, computers, 3D graphics, design, photography and culinary fascination for 20yrs or so. Amateur interest in comp-sci, linear algebra, economics, psychology and business.

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  1. I believe I riled myself up into excitement over MORE social media. After some time to think, nah! Send me a message if you want to start some sort of conversation around the work of making imagery
  2. #CG
  3. Starter topic : Digital Humans

    I don't know if anyone here cares or thinks about CG or digital humans, but it seems like a great place to just start talking about it and whoever is interested can talk too. Striking Distance Studi
  4. Anyone else here work in CG, Motion Design or VFX?
  5. Post on Android as viewed on Firefox app is quitery jerky (up down up down). Hi! I'm your edge case user right now.
  6. Standard issue hello post - the countdown from cat pixels to pure toxic word sludge begins

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