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Hillary/Harris/Biden ~ Tai Chi Chuan Warrior

I have practiced Tai Chi Chuan for over forty years. I love our community of Democracy Warriors. Be well. Joined Post. 12.04.22

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  1. Antonin Scalia Might Help Disqualify Trump From Beyond the Grave #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  2. On todays news shows Defendant Trump falls further behind President Biden in latest Quinnipiac poll. Biden is now up by 6% Our panel will discuss why this is bad news for Biden...
  3. Consider this illustration. Those 8 people will destroy Trump in 4 criminal trials where Trump faces 712.5 years of prison time & in 2 of 4 jurisdictions that no future President can even pardon Trump To know these 8 flipped is 'everything' about Trump trials. Everything I gave you
  4. PS what do I mean that I only called 7 of these 8 flips by December 2022 for you (on the Dead Bird site, all calls are still there). Evan Corcoran only flipped in March 2023 and I called that flip too, the moment he finished testifying to Jack Smith NOBODY ELSE MADE ALL THESE 8 CA
  5. 不不不不不不不
  6. Wins the day!
  7. A little laugh to start your day.
  8. Worth a listen.
  9. This is very good, please listen.
  10. Zelenskyy: We did not attack Putin, we will leave all the decisions to the tribunal "We are not attacking Putin or Moscow, we are fighting on our territory, defending our villages and cities. We don't even have enough weapons for that... That's why we didn't attack Putin, we'll le
  11. He needs to go. I am a subscriber, please read.
  12. Great job GQP, this will help you get Gen Z support. Love it, keep coming up with these wonderful ideas.
  13. Dear Noam Bardin, maybe your team has already contacted NPR, but in light of the news NPR has left Twitter, can your team reach out to them and invite them to Post? It would be wonderful to have their voice on Post. Thank you! #Feedback
  14. What a fraud liar and trash

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