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Have 3 dogs - Haley, Twizzler, and Stephen. I like to cook, quilt, garden, and hike and have interests in many areas. I guess you could call me a generalist. I know a little bit about a lot of things but I’m not an expert on anything.

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  1. Strawberry Blossoms

    This year I added strawberries to my garden. They are getting blossoms! Something is also eating their leaves. But I don’t know what it is. I can’t see anything on them. I hope I can figure out what it is before it gets them all. Something is eating them!
  2. Bee and Blueberry blossom

    I accidentally took a photo of my blueberries and a bee! I was just trying to get a decent photo of the blossoms to send to a friend who has never seen a blueberry bush. I could hear the bee but hadn’t seen it and wasn’t trying to take a photo of it. Then it flew into my view
  3. Hike in Catoctin Mountain Park

    Great hike today in Catoctin Mountain Park near Thurmont, MD - and incidentally also near Camp David (yes, THAT Camp David). The trail we chose was a bit longer than 5 miles. Rocky and steep in places but not overly strenuous. The weather was perfect! Kristen on the left, me on
  4. Going hiking

    I’m heading out to meet some friends to hike in Catoctin Mountain Park in Thurmont, MD. Enjoy your day. Don’t do anything crazy while I’m gone.
  5. Well damn, I’m sad Post is shutting down. I’ll hang out here until that actually happens. I don’t have any other social media accounts where I post anything. I tried Mastodon and was not able to connect in any meaningful way. I had an account on Spoutible but never interacted
  6. I totally misread the title of Taylor Swift’s new album as “The Tortured Pets Department”, and thought Whaaaahhhtt?
  7. Started tilling today

    Tilled up my 5 garden beds today. Whew! I was worried when I bought my tiller that it wouldn’t be powerful enough. I’m glad I didn’t get the more powerful one! This one throws me around if I catch a big rock or root. If I had gotten the bigger one, it likely would have throw
  8. I’ve followed Jim Wright/Stonekettle for years. He is always on point.
  9. I cancelled my subscription to the NYT several years ago because I had become so disgusted with their click bait/must make a profit at all costs, approach to journalism. However, it seems they got it right with this editorial article.
  10. Landscape quilt - Next Section

    Drawing, piece pattern, and fabric designation complete for the next section of the Landscape quilt I’m working on. Next step it to cut out the paper pattern pieces, then iron them to the fabric and cut out the fabric pieces and then sew them all together. This section is appro
  11. Bread making session did not go as planned

    Bread making is both simple and complex at the same time. I still haven’t got it entirely figured out. No two bread making sessions are the same. So you have to make it often enough to be aware of both the process and the environment and make adjustments accordingly. Yesterda
  12. My dogs provide never-ending amusement

    My dogs never cease to amuse me. They are just so enthusiastic about everything! No matter how trivial. “You’re getting up from the chair and going into the kitchen?” “Yay! Let’s all go see what’s in the kitchen!”. “You’re going back to the office?”. “Yay! Let’s all go see wh
  13. I think it’s getting very close to Switching from Sweatshirts to T-shirts season.
  14. Weeping Willow

    I’m kind of proud of my weeping willow tree. Four years ago, I bought 5, 4” “sticks” for $15. I figured if they didn’t grow I wasn’t out much. 3 of the 5 “sticks” sprouted into spindly whips with small leaves on them, since they were so spindly and flexible and since I was sti
  15. Quilt progress

    Got the section below the bear done today. So just have the bottom section to finish. And then it will be sewing the borders for it. I like how the curve of the trail turned out. I’m not sure about the fabric I chose for it. I maybe should have gone with a brown with less p
  16. I had no idea federal firefighters made so little.
  17. "Over the last seven days we have seen story after story about Republicans’ plans to attack free and fair elections this November. Despite their stunning clarity, none of these stories broke through headlines last week that were dominated by the eclipse and Donald Trump’s continu

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