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Cofounder/ED, Black Voters Matter, Believer in Black Power

Cofounder of Black Voters Matter (@blackvotersmtr). Pod: Black Power Revisited (link below). Writer, Social Justice Activist. Bx Forever.

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  1. NYC Police and Trump Protests

    In preparation for possible Trump arrest & MAGA “protests” next week in NYC, it will be interesting to see if Eric Adams asks police to show the same aggression and zeal that they apply to unhoused/homeless people.
  2. Louisiana Election: Public Service Commission

    While the congressional midterms may have ended w/ Sen Warnock’s victory, our work on local power building continued n Louisiana, where Black voters helped elect a champion for holding utility compani
  3. In states where possible, we must not only resist voter suppression. We must actively expand voter access.
  4. A Tale of Two Cities (and the unhoused)

    Compare this approach to that of NYC Mayor Eric Adams. One mayor views the existence of homelessness and lack of housing, services, etc as the problem. The other mayor views unhoused people as the pro
  5. Condemning Nazis shouldn't be hard. Yet, not a peep from GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel. Their silence is complicity.
  6. My organization was on “the list”. Sooo… there’s that.

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