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Golden age of Hollywood is where I wish I was

Classic film aficionado. Tennis player, musician, gardener, blah, blah, blah. If it sounded good it’s possible I said it.

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  1. @moviessilently thanks for the follow!
  2. Can we post gifs on Post?
  3. Everybody getting into the holiday spirit and I’m sitting here watching the #Xfiles and enjoying Mulder and Scully do the dance. 💖
  4. Hi @morgfair ! 👋🏻 Good to see you here. That means your hip is much better and you’ve walked all the way over here. Looking forward to your “posts!” - Classic Movies
  5. I had forgotten how “fun” beta applications are. Til now...😬
  6. If you were a follower of mine on the twitter, feel free to Follow me here also. Thanks!
  7. Glad to be here. The last time I joined a social media site was in 2008. It was twitter original. That place doesn’t look a thing like the place that exists now. Thanks for the platform @noambardin

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