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  1. Not a totally novel revelation for E.R. to have. What happened when the E.L.F. burned down a lodge at Vail? They were labeled "eco-terrorists", the development they were trying to stop went through, V
  2. The House is on track to attempt to elect a speaker for the 10th time — surpassing the amount of time it took in 1923, when a leader was elected on the ninth ballot
  3. Post right now feels like the first day of freshman year where nobody knows anyone, we don't know where anything is and we're all a little homesick.
  4. Some really good analysis giving context to what's happening across the street.
  5. Always fun to read about fusion breakthroughs.
  6. PNW
  7. "Instead, over the next five years, the global energy crisis is expected to accelerate renewable energy growth as countries embrace low-emissions technology in response to soaring fossil fuel prices,
  8. SURVEY: 46 percent of respondents said disruptive nonviolent protests such as damaging pieces of art decreased their support for measures to address global warming. 40 percent said these types of prot
  9. Evidence suggest global inflation has peaked.
  10. My latest, with Gernot Wagner and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, arguing that the SEC's climate disclosure rule is lawful under even the new, free form Major Questions Doctrine that the Supreme Court has
  11. Some great action from the WH. Any other disclosure wonks on post dot com?

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