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  1. Here's the truth about Senator Menedez: If the donors who gave gifts to Senator Menedez had instead given a million dollars to his Super PAC, it all would've been 100% legal. This is the legal bribery system created by the GOP Supreme Court with the Citizens United decision.
  2. Trump by the numbers
  3. Rep Katie Porter in the chamber during #SpeakerVote
  4. WTF? Junior is deplorable.
  5. Agreed!
  6. Hi everyone! This #PostDrop is for everyone that wants to personalize their feed. You can now save your favorite topics and they will appear as tabs on your feed! How to Favorite Topics Tap the edit bu
  7. Post = Apple Mastodon = Linux Twitter = Microsoft (*if Bill Gates was bitten by a rabid raccoon and never treated) Truth Social = A virus you got when you tried to pirate Wing Commander II in 1993
  8. Mike Luckovich
  9. The B----rd!

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