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Am @cispt2 at Twitter, and other things also. Director, Early Translation Branch @ncats_nih_gov @nih rare diseases, & the next pandemic. Views my own.

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  1. Failure of Molnupiravir to reduce Covid hospitalizations or deaths in a very large randomized trial (N>25,000 participants, mean age 57, 99% vaccinated)
  2. For the "it's a cold" and "the pandemic is over" folks
  3. So excited for my Sherlockian Napoleon ; modeled from the one used in 'The Six Napoleons' episode of the Jeremy Brett / Granada Sherlock Holmes. They are part of a new series here from the Jeremy Bret
  4. Stop👏Calling👏Your👏Molecule👏A👏Drug👏If👏It's👏Not👏A👏Drug👏
  5. New data that highlights the need for nasal vaccines to block Covid infections and reinfections
  6. Hi

    I’m on post! On Twitter I have multiple accounts. Science, rugby, and Sherlockian - I keep the separate accounts because the (very) mixed content tended to drive people away. On here I’ll just have th
  7. Do you want to know who Adam Feuerstein thinks are the best CEOs in biotech? Of course you do. So click.

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