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I love democracy, and cats!

Retired nurse. Cat person! Loves water. Outdoor girl. Avid reader. Blue dot in a really red state. Loves Lady Vol 🏀 🏳️‍🌈 💜

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  1. Coming up today at 9 am PT // 12 noon ET live on YouTube, a discussion of Mark Meadows' efforts to get to federal court and the latest judicial response, Fani Willis' demand for a joint trial date in October, issues of removal and immunity, and way more. Join us here live or watch
  2. Maybe they could send Harry! I bet he would go
  3. Burnout? Struggling with career and life in this new era post-lockdown? Our new program, Reinvention 2023: Leadership and Life, is open for registration. It's all virtual and class starts in two weeks,
  4. It's kinda surreal to be as progressive as I am--in many ways the antithesis of Kevin McCarthy--and understand, in ways he apparently doesn't, that the more he offers concessions and grovels to these
  5. The photographs coming out of the World Cup final continue to speak volumes.

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