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Cincinnati, Ohio local old school blogger doing this in my spare time.

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  1. Cincinnati Democrats Win Super Majority on City Council in 2023 Before a Single Vote is Cast #Cincinnati #Ohio #Elections2023
  2. There is no free lunch.
  3. Cincinnati Blog: Issue 1 Turnout and the Abortion Issue on the Ballot Will Impact the Cincinnati Council Elections, But How? #Cincinnai #Ohio #Elections2023
  4. Cincinnati City Council Election July 2023 Update #Cincinnati #Ohio #Politics
  5. I’m so tired
  6. When you use your status as means to gain or wield power, you demonstrate that your intention is to gain power for yourself and/or your benefactor, not to be just or striving for justice.
  7. Late night soccer during the week is not my ideal. Having the USMNT score four goals so far in the first half makes up for that. #Soccer
  8. Cincinnati City Council Election June 2023 Update #Cincinnati #Ohio #Politics
  9. A Note to journalists: A term paper is not journalism. Do not form a narrative and THEN cherry pick quotes, charts, and stats to support for your theme. Sure, you may like the idea of taking three different studies, pulling conclusions or data from them and then repackaging them
  10. With a minor Reddit rebellion happening that will cause r/Cincinnati to be “private” for a week, what other local sites are there for current and not insane news/info discourse? #Cincinnati
  11. Are any ⁦‪Enquirer‬⁩ journalists involved in this walkout? Locally, I am not aware they are part of a union, but not sure who was taking part. #Cincinnati #Ohio #Journalism #Gannett
  12. Let's See Action, Let's See People, Let's See Freedom, Let's See Who Cares #Cincinnati #Ohio #politics
  13. Cincinnati City Council Election May 2023 Update #Cincinnati #Ohio #Elections
  14. Trump on CNN will be a shitshow-circus. It was going to be shitshow-circus no matter what. It will not be informative. It will full of Trump lies and full of CNN allowing the lies to be carried in its airwaves. There will not be anything good to come from it. Don’t watch it.
  15. Cincinnati City Council Election April 2023 Update
  16. Where Will Trumpists Protest?

    I am interested in where Trumpists will go to protest the rumored indictment and arrest of their Dear Leader. Some ideas: Exurban Strip-malls. Exurban highway overpasses. Empty fields off of country roads. Church parking lots. Any place with lots of free parking nearest to where they
  17. A key problem with American politics: there are no more direct debates going on. Political media has no back and forth. None of the debate ever achieved much, except that it helped keep the political actors honest and to define the issues in reality, not fantasy. All we have now i
  18. FC Cincinnati brings back local radio coverage for the 2023 season. #FCCincinnati #Cincinnati #soccer
  19. Why do we not have a weekly MLS show right now in preseason on the AppleTV MLS “Channel?” #MLS #soccer #appleTV

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