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Mom, grandma, USAF veteran, politically moderate RESISTER, knitter (all fiber arts actually), love to read.

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  1. By Dave Lubach Shannon Walker had worked with hundreds of dogs and their owners during 30 years as a professional dog trainer. But of all the training jobs she’s taken on during her award-winning career, this request was unique. Little did she know at the time it would also be life
  2. Finally! The executive branch is taking it's power back.
  3. Good. When they lose, they stuff their faces with dice and hide them in a tree.
  4. Elie Mystal--Lawyer and Justice correspondent for The Nation--appeared on my show to talk GOP's Supreme Court trying to usher in a modern day version of Jim Crow, the history of Supreme Court expansion, the need for Democrats to make reforming the Court a top issue in 2024 and m
  5. This right here
  6. Reminds me of his revolutionary war airports speech.
  7. FOLLOW BACK FOR THE FOURTH! Elon Musk is trying to silence pro-democracy voices here — we need to stay UNITED. #FBR From now through the 4th: — Follow + comment - I’ll follow back — RT + comment - I’ll follow back
  8. #Caturday
  9. Let me get this straight... Students getting relief from onerous debt is unconstitutional. But justices secretly getting hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in gifts, vacations, and free housing and education for their family members is just fine. Hello?
  10. As a single parent working full-time, it was difficult, but I managed to pay my student loans completely. It took 16 years. That experience has made me more sympathetic to the crushing financial burden it causes for young people. Forgive the damned loans and make education fre
  11. 😕
  12. Gift article. Sorry about the link to bird poop site....

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