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  1. Gas prices went up 30 cents overnight. We have angered The Biden. throws daughter into volcano
  2. No idea if we're engaging in #videogames and #pinball here, but if you're interested in travelogues of the electronic variety, here's Episode Six of The Florida Pinball Tour.
  3. Episode Five!

    Hopefully you've been on this journey with me, but if not, here's Episode Five of The Florida #pinball Tour 2023. And there's a handy playlist so you can catch up on episodes you missed.
  4. The Florida Pinball Tour 2023

    Please consider subscribing (or sharing) my gaming channel on YouTube. Currently I'm roadtripping through the state of Florida seeking out all the pinball arcades I can find. It's enjoyable!
  5. The Big 12 conference has 10 teams in it. The Big 10 has 14.
  6. Shout! Factory has released a limited edition Blu-ray of Don "the Dragon" Wilson's BLACKBELT, and this super cheap Roger Corman knock-off of THE BODYGUARD is one of his best films.
  7. The “Noël” episode of The West Wing is still a masterpiece.
  8. Getting the same amount of engagement here that I was getting at the other place (none, really) so I'm ready to declare Post the winner of the Twitter Replacement Games!
  9. Our latest episode of the BMFcast is out now! This week on the podcast we're talking the 80s Canadian Christmas horror movie THE BRAIN, which as you might expect is quite goofy.
  10. 🥲
  11. More video games should include full movies in them. #HighonLife #XboxGamePass #TammyandtheTRex
  12. Okay Post folks, what video games have you been playing? Have to start this friend thing all over again, might as well start with games in common...
  13. You should consider going back in time and watching MATT HOUSTON.
  14. People mad about handing over an arms dealer should be outraged at what you can buy in a Wal-Mart.
  15. Warnock!
  16. The railway strike might be underway. I’ve been stuck at a crossing for 25 minutes now. 🚂
  17. Good thing

    Hey there #Georgia. Do the thing today. Do the good thing, not the bad thing. Stay in line until the good thing is done. It's very important that you do the good thing. Thank you so much for doing the
  18. I will miss original Saavik. There, I’m being nice.
  19. So do #hashtags work here or no?
  20. I appreciate that with Danny DeVito selling Jersey Mike's subs, fast food finally has a spokesperson who looks like they eat fast food.

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