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Digital Foreign Editor, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald

Digital Foreign Editor at The Age, Sydney Morning Herald

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  1. Is a #TikTokban inevitable for democracies? Robert Potter of Internet 2.0 joined me to discuss. #TikTok
  2. ‘Everything is mystical’: Mexican president posts photo of what he claims is an elf
  3. Lockdowns may be over but the conspiracies live on
  4. Every word uttered by Republicans must be cast as "Biden's failure/Biden's oversight/Biden's senility"
  5. Britain to call for fighter jets to be sent to Ukraine at special G7 meeting

    Declaring that the Ukrainian forces need a “decisive advantage” over Russia on the battlefield, Sunak will renew Britain’s offer to send Typhoon jets to Poland or any other eastern European country that is prepared to hand over its fleet of MiG-29 combat aircraft to Ukraine.
  6. Did you know? "Many see Russia’s actions as restoration of historical justice": Russian MFA

    The world majority views Russia’s actions through the prism of restoring historical justice, the director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s foreign policy planning department, Alexey Drobinin, said in an article entitled The Civilizational Factor and Russia’s Place in the Emergin
  7. Fake Russian diplomats revealed as heart of ‘hive’ spy ring in Australia

    A highly active “hive” of Russian spies posing as diplomats operated in Australia for more than 18 months before it was dismantled as part of a sweeping and aggressive counter-espionage offensive by ASIO. The Australian intelligence agency spent months tracking the Russian spy rin
  8. Pro-Kremlin accounts buying up Twitter blue-check verifications: report

    San Francisco: Accounts pushing Kremlin propaganda are using Twitter’s new paid verification system to appear more prominently on the global platform, another sign that Elon Musk’s takeover is accelerating the spread of politically charged misinformation, a nonprofit research gro
  9. Giant orb on the beach
  10. Not photoshop: The China spy balloon seen from a US spy plane
  11. Just happened across my desk during a Zoom meeting...
  12. How the cyber war has changed since Russia's February 2022 invasion of Ukraine

    In cyberspace, Western governments were forced to acknowledge the geopolitical reality behind ransomware gangs – namely that the most destructive and costly ones operated with impunity from Russian-controlled territory. In October, the White House convened the ransomware taskforce
  13. Hello Post! (Currently in Twitter jail)

    ...And not for posting anything critical of Twitter or Musk. The platform has some rigid, inelegant coding that led me to posting my birthday which appeared on my profile. I tried to change it, at which point I was blocked, where I remain now.
  14. Why is Andrew Tate so influential over teen boys?

    Andrew Tate is back in the news, having been denied release from a his detention in Romania as he awaits trial. Here's a podcast on the spell the divisive influencer holds over some teen boys. with Jewel Topsfield https:// #socialmed i a #misogy ny
  15. Escape from Myanmar: one photojournalist's story

    It's been two years since Myanmar's military staged a coup, ending a civilian directed government, quashing hopes for a more freedoms in the country. I spoke to South-East Asia correspondent Chris Barrett about the remarkable story of one Australian photojournalist's escape from
  16. “We show we’re not afraid of the Russian regime.” cc @MollyMcKew @mountainrunner
  17. Hello world. There is so much more to say about the Western tech world and Russia. But here are some thoughts.

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