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Political junkie, policy geek, & mama bear.

Political junkie, policy geek, recovering lawyer, & mama bear. VP, Policy, Advocacy & Campaigns, Save the Children US & Exec Dir, Save the Children Action Network, fmr advisor to Sen. Chris Coons. This is my personal account.

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  1. I think about dropping my Twitter account about once a week, but I hadn't yet because it's still a solid way to skim media, think tanks, policy folks, and political voices quickly. Apparently that's about to end. I think the time has come...
  2. The child care crisis is a crisis for families and an economic crisis. It exists in communities throughout the country. As KREM notes: "Child care, even finding it, has become a major obstacle for par
  3. Can’t believe I’m just watching Welcome to Wrexham. Terrific show. Might make me a soccer fan yet!
  4. I’m not sure why I assumed that a 2 week long online class wouldn’t have homework. #beenouttaschooltoolong
  5. This is the second day of announcements from Afghanistan rolling back women's rights - to an education and now to work.
  6. If you think cell service is solid everywhere, it's time to think again - and the lack of service is more than an inconvenience.
  7. It's omnibus day (or the morning after omnibus late night)!
  8. The 117th Congress has one more chance to be a Congress for Kids. Waiting for the text to see if they step up….
  9. Looking forward to reading the new plan to address from the Biden Administration. The WaPo article includes a chart that makes no mathematical sense. Why? Because the federal government has multiple d

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