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  1. At last! ~ Etta James
  2. Global statesman? Y’all sycophants are overstating William’s influence and intelligence…🙄
  3. Burger Prince

    What they wanted…, Harry serving burgers for a living 🙄 What they got …, William serving burgers for a living. Even if it was for few minutes, it was the Heir to the throne and not the “Spare” that served burgers 🤦‍♂️
  4. “X” reminds Elon of his love for porn…🤦‍♂️
  5. He is probably inflating the whole thing, I think Twitter’s worth is far less than $20B now.
  6. Something is seriously wrong with the U.K.
  7. Esther loyalty was probably seen as a weakness, and Elon Musk dislikes weaknesses. He is a predator 😝
  8. Elon Musk doesn’t care about his products and consumers, he only cares about his ego… 😏
  9. Elon Musk is always on the wrong side of politics. He’s going to run out of luck and relevance soon.
  10. The Haunting of Prince Harry via @NewYorker
  11. It is getting ridiculous and embarrassing.

    The policing system in this our country needs a thorough examination. Every states, counties, cities and towns must do a thorough evaluation of their policing practices and goals. There should be a strict federal, state, county, and city guidelines on how policemen should approac
  12. From onset, I wanted Patti to win 🎉

    True story: After 15 minutes of watching Jeopardy yesterday, my wife asked me if Jake would win again. My response: The 23-year-old needs to be careful and tread wisely…, I won’t be surprised if Patti wins today. My wife: What are you seeing that I am not noticing? My response: Patt
  13. Few Options for Jair Bolsonaro 😆

    Option one: marry your way in Option two: Invest your way in Option three: Study your way in Option four: Einstein your way in Option five: Just overstay your visa Yeah, seriously, he needs to get the fuck back home...!
  14. MJ...🎸 🎶 🕺
  15. Once upon a time... 🎶 Marvin Gaye and Mary Wells
  16. The spell is not working 😂
  17. I love this essay…
  18. Chris Stapleton 🎙️

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