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Actress. Writer. Producer. Actors Studio Drama School Grad. Latina. Italian. Instagram: christina.auriana Contact:

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  1. It’s not that complicated: Supreme Court justices shouldn’t have secret sugar daddies. If they do, they should resign. And if they don’t resign, they must be impeached.
  2. Where are my #WGAStrong people at in this joint? My feed is far too bereft of that kind of content.
  3. True
  4. Yup. All of this. If you are immunocompromised, please take as many steps as you can to avoid infection, including masking with a KN95 or better in public at all times.
  5. Ok heads up to anyone who may have an allergy to ragweed: stevia is apparently in the ragweed family?! So it may cause hives & other allergic reaction type symptoms when consumed. My hive-y arms, infl
  6. Here are eight very different screenplays that I admire for very different reasons. Use them for inspiration or to better understand how to write a great screenplay that might get produced one day. In
  7. #screenwriting #film
  8. Ok, as my first order of 2023, I want to create a 5 minute sizzle reel from a scene in my TV pilot. But I’ve never done this before. I act. I write. I write so I can act. I’ve yet to get my hands dirt
  9. Extremely exhausting
  10. I just went down a rabbit hole of my genetic mutations, &, people, why are doctors not regularly ordering genetic testing and then, more importantly, using what they learn?! Turns out I have a mutatio
  11. @tristansnell Hi! Welcome! So glad you made it here too.
  12. It’s Sunday night and there’s no new #WhiteLotus and I feel like a dog who’s just sitting, waiting for its owner to show up and give it a treat. There’s no treat! Where is my treat?!
  13. For the new arrivals overnight, it feels important to note something about the acclimation to Post, namely this: you do not have to be who you were there. Even if you had a big following, or were a Twi
  14. 1 My friend totally didn't have covid last week 2 I tested once, really pathetically 3 I've had covid before, and I didn't have vomiting and diarrhoea either time 4 It's my granddaughter's birthday party on
  15. Testing…testing…is this thing on? Hi, Post-verse!

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