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Christopher Himsl


Principled Conservative

Columbia, South Carolina

Retired Retired Army Colonel and small business owner. Husband, Dad, believer in TR's Square Deal: Consumer Protection, Corporate Responsibility, Conservation of Natural Resources. Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Colin Powell Republican.

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  1. Transfer portal more risk than gain.

    As we enter the college bowl season & players are deciding to opt out to prepare for the NFL & others declaring to enter the transfer portal to further their careers. I hope the people close to them t
  2. DeSantis preferred over Trump

    The USA Today-Suffolk University poll found that 56 percent of Republican and Republican-leaning voters prefer DeSantis, while only 33 percent would support Trump. More than 60 percent said they want
  3. Free Speech, Great Responsibility

    With the Bird app's emphasis on "Free Speech", I think it is prudent that everyone that wraps their intolerant philosophies in the cloak of the 1st Amendment really understand what the intent of that

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