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EthicalAI, Futurist. Crypto, robotic, gaming & music geek who needs ☕️ + 🍷. Views = my own. Also on Twitter: @chrisggarrod and

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  1. By: Moira Donovan It’s an evening in 1531, in the city of Venice. In a printer’s workshop, an apprentice labors over the layout of a page that’s destined for an astronomy textbook—a dense line of type and a woodblock illustration of a cherubic head observing shapes moving through
  2. By: John Bowden The two Tennessee lawmakers expelled from their seats after joining a gun reform protest in the statehouse have vowed to run again when special elections are called. Former state Representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson joined protesters at the state capitol
  3. Social media rant

    My rant. I am annoyed with social media now. I’m fine with #mastodon but it just isn’t what Twitter was/is. I’m still on Twitter because a lot of my friends are on it. And I’m still conversing with them minus a few who have left because of EM and his idiocy (being mild). FB is a

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