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  1. Post is nice, but I think I just have too many social media platforms and probably won't be posting here very often. You can still find me on Twitter (ChrisCMartell), Threads (ChrisCMartell), and Blue Sky (ChrisMartell) for now.
  2. If you are over at Bluesky, you can find me there. Let's follow each other...
  3. #LaborDay is my favorite holiday! Here is a post that I wrote for history teachers back in 2016 about the intersection of race and labor rights in the U.S. #sschat
  4. So proud to have worked with Primary Source and the Mass. Department of Elementary and Secondary Education on this exciting new social studies curriculum for Massachusetts teachers (or teachers in any state)! You can check it out here:
  5. This is how we do it in Massachusetts. "Massachusetts passed a millionaire's tax. Now, the revenue is paying for free public school lunches" (and a bunch of other very important things).
  6. On this anniversary of the U.S. use of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, here is a post that I wrote some years ago with resources for teaching students about its complexities. My hope is that education can prevent it from ever happening again. #HiroshimaDay
  7. UMass Boston is looking for an assistant professor/director of educator preparation! Candidates with backgrounds in early childhood, mathematics, or social justice ed. are especially encouraged to apply. We are the third most diverse university in the US (and our students are awe
  8. Check out Kaylene Stevens and my new article in The History Teacher: "Teaching Movements in History: Understanding Collective Action, Intersectionality, and Justice in the Past." If it is behind a paywall for you, e-mail me (
  9. About this EdWeek story. RAND, CRPE, and their funders are in the business of decreasing trust in public education. They'd like to see New Orleans-style ed reforms be a nationwide reaction to the pandemic. Undermining trust in teachers is the first step.
  10. This should deeply concern anyone who wants the United States to remain a democratic country. The next election is a referendum on democracy itself.
  11. "No, Public Education Isn’t Too Woke. It’s Barely Even Awake." Some politicians are invoking a false narrative for political gain... Important read from Bettina Love.
  12. Ever wonder what happens during the writing of social studies state standards? We did too! Check out our new research in Theory & Research in Social Education here (and if it is behind a paywall for you, please e-mail me at
  13. So, I'm now on the new Theads app (ChrisCMartell). If you are too, let's follow each other.
  14. Every 4th of July I read Frederick Douglass's "What, To the Slave, Is the 4th of July" (and you should too). Full text here:
  15. I know school is out for the summer, but I wrote this post about a month ago to help teachers teach about the history of affirmative action. I hope it might help teachers address the recent #SCOTUS ruling in the fall. #sschat
  16. The Supreme Court has lost all credibility. It will illegitimately continue to get rid of long standing precedents that serve its partisan desires (and further entrench systemic racism), so it can return us to the early 20th century.
  17. Big City Social Studies Northeast Crew got together Friday in Philly to discuss teaching ethnic studies, the amazing work of Constitution High School teachers and a local history simulation of the Gary Convention, and visit the Black Founders exhibit at Museum of the American Rev
  18. As a UMass Boston teacher educator and Boston Public Schools parent, I'm asking everyone to support teachers who #TeachTruth in the history classroom and those who help students to see themselves and their ancestors when learning about the past. #FreedomToLearn
  19. Boston History Teachers: Did you know that the Digital Commonwealth has this excellent repository of images of the Black Panther Party in Boston? Here is a photo of their headquarters at 375 Blue Hill Ave. Check them out here: #sschat
  20. Social studies teachers: How are you preparing students for the upcoming ruling on affirmative action by the Supreme Court? I put this blog post together to help. #sschat

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