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Husband, Father, Mountaineer, Cyclist, Activist, Relief Worker, SCOTUS watcher, and public policy junkie.

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  1. US Debt Crisis

    Hey #NPR did you lose your objectivity this week? The looming debt crisis requires hearing not just from the #GOP and #NationalReview both clearly biased viewpoints on the pending crisis that last time the #GOP held us hostage to the debt limit cost us 1 Billion dollars! Do bette
  2. A blow to independent journalism, but a bold stand by @NPR
  3. Book Review

    Looking forward to this probing analysis of #S COTUS use of the Shadow Docket by @steve_vladeck pre-order where ever you get your books from!
  4. Thank you for pointing out the irony!
  5. Who runs this country? Who executes executive authority? It appears that #SCOTUS does. The rise of the imperial court that cancels #Democrat leadership vs #GOP authoritarianism!
  6. Street Life

    Boston, Southend, Massachusetts Ave, circa 1980's MLK Jr lived across the street during his years at Boston University School of Theology. #postphoto #Boston #Southend #vintage #candid #blackandwhite #streetlife
  7. Ediza Lake CA (Summer 2022) #Postphoto #iPhonephotography #photography
  8. US Supreme Court

    Just finished a great piece by Dahlia Lithwick on the democracy busting theory, the independent state legislature theory ! Check it out Slate article SCOTUS hearing on Moore v Harper
  9. I have arrived! One small step into Post, one giant leap into new social media.

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