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Entertainment lover. Passionate about the industry business trends, insights and strategy. Ex-Netflix. Drummer. Gamer. Views are my own.

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  1. It's famous story that Mandalorian was built on a UE-based Virtual Production environment, but it was replaced by Helios developed by ILM pretty soon (Stagecraft is the name of the VP solution and Hel
  2. The easier content is produced and consumed, the more longtail content becomes.

    The Top 10 hits of 2022 on audio streaming formats were responsible for 0.425% of all audio streams in the US last year, according to our analysis of Luminate’s figures. That market share (0.425%) was
  3. Good anaylsis. Cloud gaming still has a lot room to improve for mass adoption from the economics perspective as well as the consumer perspective as he says. The market withdrawal of Stadia also shows t
  4. Apex Legends 1.5H per day 2022. Tring to make it 1H 2023 is my primary but the hardest target 2023. #Gaming #Apex #Playstation
  5. Band reunion from my high school! #band #music #reunion
  6. Strategy analysis of Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music

    “日本語は英語の下に記載” Recently, I've been seeing a lot of music streaming-related news, such as the announcement of Apple Music Sing which is Apple Music's karaoke service, and changes to Amazon Music Prime's
  7. 初投稿!

    *English Below* 記念すべき初投稿!先日、PostというポストTwitterのマイクロブログサービスがあるという噂を聞きWaitlistに申し込んでみたところ、運良く即日登録することができました。色々投稿しながら、Postがどんなプラットフォームなのか少しずつ理解していきたいと思っています。 私は、Sony Group Corporationにてエンターテインメント事業の戦略プランナーを

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