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Drag Queen. Founder of the website, which was selected for preservation by the US Library of Congress in their LGBTQ+ archive in 2019. 7x NYC Best Nightlife Writer nominee, 8x Drag Mom (She/Her)

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  1. Zuckerberg to everyone using Threads....
  2. Omg, just when you think the Supreme Court rulings can’t get any worse!
  3. Based on the rulings yesterday, this is the perfect time to segue from Pride Month to Wrath Month.
  4. I’m not saying the DeSantis campaign is falling apart but he’s currently polling behind the Grimace Shake for the GOP nomination.
  5. With all the chaos happening within their government, maybe they should try Russia (Taylor's Version)?
  6. “I’ll take things that didn’t happen for $200 Alex….”
  7. Happy Birthday to the fabulous @goldengateblond !
  8. How come the gays get blamed for "stealing the rainbow from God" but Skittles get off scot free?
  9. The only thing I don't like about Jack Smith is that he never got a chance to investigate the war crimes of Bush, Cheney and that entire administration.
  10. They really weren't too creative when they came up with the name "Living Room", were they?
  11. Maybe if we tell them Hunter Biden's laptop went woke, they'll boycott it and finally leave it alone?
  12. Don't threaten me with a good time.
  13. Since RFK Jr. is trending, it needs to be said that even Connor Roy thinks this is an absurd Presidential run.
  14. Woke Chicken is trending on Twitter. To quote Logan Roy, you all on the right are "not serious people".
  15. Does cracking open the shells before eating pistachios count as cardio?
  16. I’m tired of being lectured by people who only used the word “grooming” to describe cleaning up their dog until Fox News told them to be mad about drag queens six months ago.
  17. I am torn between thinking the Target Pride collection "Live Laugh Lesbian" shirt is either the best or the worst shirt ever. I don't think there is a middle ground.
  18. I guess Thanos wasn't available for a CNN town hall last night.

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