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Learning to love sentences.

Cheryl Merrill’s publications include poems in many literary magazines, several of which were anthologized in A Gift of Tongues: 25 Years of Poetry from Copper Canyon Press. Her photo-essays, also published in literary magazines, have been anthologized in Short Takes, Model Essays for Composition; Brief Encounters; and Compose, Design, Advocate, a Rhetoric for Multimodal Communication. Her nonfiction was selected for Special Mention in Pushcart, Best of the Small Presses 2008 as well as Best of Brevity, published in Creative Nonfiction , and in Willows Wept Review, Summer 2021. She recently was a finalist in the 12th Annual Contest in Nonfiction for her essay “Breathing,” which can be viewed online as of February 2022. She is currently working on a memoir about living with a small herd of elephants in Botswana.

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